Spring Break: A Taste of Kapa Haka

‘A Taste of Kapa Haka’ is Kapa Haka for all, no matter what your background or experience. It’s a chance to have a go in a supportive environment and get a deeper understanding.

  • Ages 7+
  • Free
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  • Mon, 26 Sep at 10AM
  • Tue, 27 Sep at 10AM
  • Wed, 28 Sep at 10AM
  • Thu, 29 Sep at 10AM
  • Fri, 30 Sep at 10AM

Ever watched the All Blacks do the Haka, ‘Ka Mate’ and wondered why they did it? What it meant?
Ever seen Kapa Haka competitions and wanted to know what’s it all about? Why do the men poke their tongues out and the women don’t?
‘A Taste of Kapa Haka’ gives you a chance to discover the answers to these questions and many more.
Members of local Kapa Haka group, Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki, will guide you through a short, two hour class spread over a week. You’ll get a taste of Māori hand and stick games, Waiata Ringaringa (action song), Poi and Poi making, Haka and Māori weaponary skills. Through particpation in the Māori performing arts ‘Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Taiki’ will begin your journey into understanding the Māori world.
No experience required, only a willingness to give it a go. Please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your ability to move.

Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki - Rawinia Farrell

Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki is a local Kapa Haka group who base themselves at Ruapotaka Marae right next to Te Oro. Rawinia Farrell (Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngā Pōtiki a Tamapahore, Ngāti Hauā, Ngāti Koroki Kahukura, Ngapuhi and Ngāti Kahungunu) will lead the classes and is the Kaitātaki-a-wahine (female leader) for the group. She was awarded second place for Kaitātaki-a-wahine in the Raumati Section of the most recent Tāmaki Makaurau Kapa Haka Regionals. Rawinia attended Te Kura Kaupapa o Puau Moananui a Kiwa on Farringdon Street, where she continues to tutor and teach Kapa Haka. A fluent speaker of Te Reo Māori with strong Tikanga Māori values, Rawinia will be supported in these classes by rangatahi (youth)from within Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki.

Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki - Rawinia Farrell

Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki - Rawinia Farrell

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