Summer Holiday Programme : Siva Samoa Group – how to siva Samoa:

As an introduction to siva Samoa, the children will learn the basics of Samoan dance, different styles of dancing for male and females, some basic language and cultural chants and calls in Sa

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  • Fri, 15 Jan at 4:30PM

Programme brief outline:
1. Week One:
Learning the basics. How to siva Samoa, introduction. Samoan dancing; actions and body positions for both male and female dance.

2. Week Two:
Teach a dance routine. Mixed Samoa siva. Males will be learning the basic hand and body positions of the fa’ataupati. Females will be learning the basic hand and body positions of the siva taupou.

3. Week Three:
Learning the routines and practising the fa’ataupati and siva taupou.

4. Week Four:
Polishing the dance routine for the fa’ataupati and the siva taupou.

Sosefina Leaitua

Sosefina is an experienced, fluent speaker of Samoan currently residing in the Maungakiekie Tamaki area. She has more than three decades of experience teaching, performing and involvement in Samoan cultural dance troops and event performances for the local and national arena. As well as a strong involvement in the local Glen Innes community, she has also represented Auckland in Women’s NPC Rugby as well as a recurring rep player for the Samoa Manu Sina Women’s Rugby team. Sosefina’s deep cultural understanding of fa’aSamoa informs her teaching and provides a rich context to the significance of siva Samoa and the stylistic differences between male and female dance.

Sosefina Leaitua

Sosefina Leaitua

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board